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Post-Secondary Institutions and Programs


"Saskatchewan has 2 of the top ranked Universities in the country, 4 SIAST Campuses, 9 Regional College systems and 50 Private Vocational Schools."


If you plan to further your education, you will need to decide which post-secondary institution you wish to attend. Your choice will depend, to a large extent, on your personal and career interests.

Descriptions of Saskatchewan’s post-secondary institutions follow. Read the descriptions and, if you require more information, you can link directly to the web site of the institution. You can also find links to Canadian and International web sites containing post secondary institutions.






Do you want specific program information by institution in Saskatchewan?
What To Study can help you. This guide is a comprehensive database of program offerings in Saskatchewan which lead to a certificate, diploma or degree. If, for example, you have a specific institution in mind and would like to know what is offered there, or if you have specific programs in mind and would like to know if it’s offered at a particular institution, you can easily find this out.

If you want descriptions of these specific institutions check out the following links:

Federated Colleges
Affiliated Colleges
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)
Regional Colleges
Aboriginal Post Secondary Institutions
Aboriginal Teacher Education Programs
Private Vocational Schools
Saskatchewan’s Apprenticeship Program
Religious Training Institutions
Distance Learning
Other Education and Training Program Providers


There are a number of useful sources of information related to post-secondary institutions and the programs they offer. We suggest the following web sites:

Campus Programs - Canada
An alphabetical listing of Universities and College programs in Canada.

Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
This organization collects information, and acts as a national referral service to support the recognition and portability of Canadian and international educational and occupational qualifications.

The Canadian School Finder
Search programs by school type including undergraduate, business, law, medical, dental, graduate, and language schools.

Association of Universities and Colleges (AUCC)
This organization can provide you with up-to-date information on Canadian higher education (universities, publications, international activities, scholarships, etc.).

Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC)
This organization represents colleges and institutes to government, business and industry, both in Canada and internationally. An online programs database gives examples of the types of programs available.


Study Abroad
StudyAbroad.com is an online resource for study abroad information. Search study abroad programs by: Academic Year/Semester, Summer, Language, Subject, Intern Abroad/Volunteer, High School, Full Undergraduate Degrees, Intersession, ESL, TEFL Certificate, Summer Law, Summer Business, Graduate Study Abroad, Adult Programs, and Teaching Programs.

World Wide Colleges and Universities
Find Colleges and Universities from around the world. You can browse by name or by region/location.

4 International Colleges and Universities
4 International Colleges & Universities is an international education directory selecting and reviewing world-wide Universities and Colleges. 4icu.org includes 7000 Colleges and Universities ranked by popularity in 200 countries

Campus Programs - United States
Here you'll find a listing of American campuses. You can browse by state. You will also find great information on how to survive your academic life.

American Universities
An alphabetical list of links to American universities offering bachelor or advanced degrees.

American Universities - Complete List of Community Colleges and Universities in the United States
A clickable map listing all American universities and community colleges first by state, then by name.


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