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  Skill Profile Chart - Housekeeping Room Attendant

For more information about these standards, certification and other training products, please contact the:

Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council
(Division of Tourism Saskatchewan)
321 - 4th Avenue

Phone: 1-800-331-1529
(306) 933-5900
Fax: (306) 933-6250

A. Professionalism  

1. Follow House Policies

  • identify purpose of house policies
  • follow house policies

2. Follow Legislation

  • identify imporance of learning about legal rights related to your job
  • follow legislation related to your job

3. Maintain Personal Grooming and Hygiene

  • identify importance of maintaining personal grooming and hygiene
  • maintain personal grooming and hygiene

4.Be Professional

  • identify importance of being professional
  • be professional
  • identify importance of providing excellant service
  • provide excellent service
  • identify importance of being a team member
  • be a team member
  • identify importance of following guidelines for accepting tips/gratuities
  • follow guidelines for accepting tips/gratuities

B. Guest Relations


1.Use Communication Skills

  • identify importance of communicating effectively
  • define effective communication
  • define nonvialbe communication
  • communicate effectively

2. Provide Information to Guests

  • provide guests with information about property
  • identify importance of providing guests with information about community
  • provide guests with information about community

3. Locate and Operate Guest Room Features

  • identify importance of knowing location and operation of guest room features
  • locate and operate guest room features

4. Lend and Retrieve Company Property

  • identify importance of following proper lending and retrieving guidelines
  • lend and retrieve company property

5. Protect Guest Privacy

  • identify importance of protecting guests' privacy
  • protect privacy of guests

6. Handle Complaints

  • identify importance of handling complaints properly
  • handle complaints

C. Industry Terms


1. Define Industry Terms

  • identify importance of defining industry terms
  • define industry terms


D. Safety


1. Work Safetly

  • identify importance of working safely
  • work safely
  • identify importance of Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS)
  • identify WHMIS
  • follow WHMIS guidelines

2. Follow Emergeny Procedures

  • identify importance of following emergency procedures
  • identify fire safety information
  • follow emergency procedures

E. Security


1. Provide Security for Guests

  • identify importance of following security procedures
  • follow security procedures
  • provide security in guest rooms

2. Handle Lost and Found Items

  • identify importance of correctly handling lost and found items
  • handle lost and found items

3. Report Discrepancies in Guest Room Status

  • identify importance of reporting discrepancies in room status
  • report discrepancies in room status


F. Cleaning Responsibilities


1. Begin and End Shift

  • identify importance of beginning and ending shift systematically
  • begin and end shift

2. Prepare Cart

  • identify importance of properly preparing cart
  • prepare cart

3. Stock Linen Closet

  • identify importance of stocking linen closet
  • stock linen closet

4. Use Cleaning Materials and Tools

  • identify importance of using cleaning materials and tools

5. Clean Guest Rooms

  • identify importance of cleaning guest rooms
  • enter guest room
  • clean guest room
  • identify importance of properly making beds
  • make beds
  • clean bathroom
  • clean special areas
  • identify importance of well-presented room
  • prepare room for presentation

6. Carry Out Rotation Cleaning Duties

  • identify importance of rotation cleaning
  • carry out rotation cleaning duties

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