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When you visit a Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Service Office you will find information and assistance to access many programs available in Saskatchewan.

Programs that train people for available jobs

Apprenticeship combines learning on-the-job with technical training. You can earn a good salary while working towards a journeyperson certification.

Referrals to technical and vocational training

Programs that help people make the transition to the workforce or to skills training programs

Employment Programs can provide work experience and skills training, including self-employment

Referral to basic education and literacy programs help people get the basic skills they need to access jobs or skills training

Career and Employment Services assist unemployed individuals to prepare for or obtain work.

Programs that help people with expenses while they are in education and training programs

Provincial Training Allowance
Skills Training Benefit
Student Financial Assistance


Employment Programs for Workers

Workforce Development for Persons with Disabilities (WFD -PD)
The WFD-PD program [formerly known as Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD)] provides funding to assist adults with disabilities to prepare for, secure and maintain employment.

Skills Training Benefit
This program provides financial assistance for employment insurance recipients and reachback clients. It offers the financial support individuals needs to take the training required to get a job and keep it.

Home / CanSask / Programs
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