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Managing Your Human Assets



Developed by Garven & Associates for:
Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services

Employers in small communities in Saskatchewan face a number of human resource related challenges. It has become increasingly difficult for employers to retain employees for the long-term – and labour market trends predict that this obstacle will become even greater in future years. Attracting skilled applicants to work in rural areas, competing with “big city” salaries and lifestyles, understanding what benefits will build loyalty, and many other important human resource issues will be addressed in this manual. Knowledge of effective recruitment, remuneration, and retention strategies enable an employer to forecast HR needs, anticipate problem areas, and fully understand the correlation between human resource practices and employee morale.

Managing Your Human Assets: A Human Resource Guide for Small Business Employers is a self-study learning tool designed to inform rural employers about human resource management skills. This resource covers a number of important HR concepts and integrates guidelines, recommendations, tools, and templates for employers to implement.

The program consists of seven modules:

Module 1: Human Resource Planning
Module 2: Recruitment Strategies
Module 3: Hiring Strategies
Module 4: Analyzing, Posting and Selecting
Module 5: Retention Strategies
Module 6: Remuneration Strategies
Module 7: Labour Market Information
Module 8: Contact Information

The program can be customized to fit the individual participant’s needs. You can study the modules in sequence from start to finish, or pick and choose individual modules as specific topics become relevant in your workplace. Managing Your Human Assets delivers current and relevant information that will enable participants to take charge of their human resource practices and reap the benefits of high employee retention and increased productivity.

This program has been designed for use by employers, managers, and/or human resource personnel. The material in each module is primarily informational and practical, rather than assignment-based. The modules illustrate concepts and ideas through examples, and include forms and templates that you are encouraged to replicate and use.

For a complete pdf version of Managing Your Human Assets click here. Or you can go through the modules as they are presented in this web version.



The development of Managing Your Human Assets: A Human
Resource Guide for Small Business Employers has been financially supported by a branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour known as Career &
Employment Services.

Career & Employment Services provides a broad range of career and employment services to assist employers with recruitment and job matching and to help job seekers improve their skills and find employment.



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